Other Projects

Some of the other (non-robot) projects I've worked on.

Jamming-Pneumatic Hybrid Tentacle

Class: 24-673

A soft pneumatic actuator which stiffens using particle jamming.

Semi-Automated Parts Cutter

Client: Precision Associates, Inc

Makes precision cuts in plastic backup rings.

Folding Robot Designs

Purdue University Mechanical Engineering Department

I transformed idealized concepts into manufacturable designs and constructed a few prototypes.

Onboard Electronics Module

Team: Purdue Hybrid Rocket

Designed the onboard modules, featuring a compliant structure which laid flat for easy wiring, but rolled up to conserve onboard space.

Ground Support Station

Team: Purdue Hybrid Rocket

A cDAQ-based panel providing monitoring and control during tests and launch.

Waveguide Tuning Tool

Client: Boeing S&IS

All-new design for tuning waveguides, a critical component of nearly every satellite.

Parts Marker

Client: Precision Associates, Inc

Paints colored identifying dots on axially-symmetric rubber seals. My role: concept and mechanical design.