Purpose: 2012 FIRST Robotics Comptition

Creator: Harrison Boiler Robotics (FRC 1747)

My Role: Tech director (lead mentor) through Purdue FIRST Programs; lead students through design, fabrication, programming, and deployment of Artemis.



  • Four 6" HIGrip wheels
  • Differential drivetrain powered by CIM DC motors through a Gen-II two-speed transmission.

Controls: National Instruments cRIO-FRC2 (600 MHz)


  • Solid-state gyroscope
  • AXIS webcam (2)
  • Shaft encoders (4)
  • Limit switches (2)
  • Line sensors (3)

Frame: Kitbot C-base, welded box aluminum


Navigate the field: Artemis's HiGrip wheels, relatively low center of mass, and bridge lowering mechanism allowed it to easily traverse the field.

Pick up balls: The wide, conveyor-style ball intake (see the upgrade) allowed Artemis to to pick up and carry balls while sensors tracked the position of the balls within the robot and automatically prevented the robot from picking up too many.

Shoot hoops: Artemis's camera-aimed turret locates and locks-on to the backboard, while the dual RS-550s bring the 6" wheels to the desired shooting speed using encoder feedback. When a ball is fired, springs behind the backplate compensate for variances between balls, and the single-roller shooter gives the balls backspin so they drop into the net.

Lower the bridge: A pneumatically-actuated bridge knocker lowers the bridge, or allows Artemis to hook onto other robots to prevent accidents while balancing for the endgame.