Brute Force


Purpose: 2010 FIRST Robotics Comptition

Creator: Richfield Robotics (2989)

My Role: Performed post-competition upgrades and repair:

  • Upgraded drivetrain to 4WD "Martian Style".
  • Repaired kicker and made modifications to prevent further damage.
  • Created front grille and camera mount.
  • Designed and built "demo in a box" crate for robot storage and transporation.



  • "Martian Drive" with traction wheels and slick wheels.
  • Each side powered by 2 CIM DC motors through a "Toughbox" gearbox.

Controls: National Instruments cRIO-FRC (400 MHz)


  • AXIS webcam

Frame: Kitbot aluminum C-base


Climb over the bump: The frame geometry, low center of mass, and powerful drivetrain allow Brute Force to easily navigate the bump.

Score goals: A unique pnumatic system gives Brute Force a powerful kick. Two large cylinders pull back a spring-loaded leg, while a third smaller cylinder activates a latch to unleash the stored energy.


Enables outreach and recruitment: Without this tool, the team would not be able to conduct effective demos and recruit new members, mentors, and sponsors.

Demo in a box: Safely and efficiently transports everything needed for a successful demo:

  • Robot
  • Batteries and chargers
  • Operator interface
  • Space for tools and promotional items

Robot transportation: Four caster wheels (two with brakes) allow a single person to move the robot. An integrated loading ramp allows a single person to smoothly load or unload the robot.

Robot storage: A unique system of internal latches allow both compartments to be secured using a single lock if desired.