Purpose: 2011 FIRST Robotics Comptition

Creator: Stampede Robotics (FRC 3630)

My Role: Mentor through my summer 2011 robotics workshop for teams 2498 and 3630.

  • Rewired CJ to fix problems, simplify debugging, and provide a better teaching platform.
  • Derived minibot equations of motion; used these to find the optimal roller size (given the minibot's mass).
  • Added a camera with a pan/tilt mechanism.
  • Programmed the camera pan/tilt mechanism with 3 modes, including following the gripper (to help the team evaluate camera-assisted game play).
  • Designed and performed experiments using video analysis tools to evaluate the performance of the elevator, determine if it could be improved, and if the improvements would be worth the effort invested.
  • Prototyped elevator improvements.
  • Worked with team leadership to develop technical mentoring position "job description" for next year.



  • Four 8" Andymark mecanum wheels.
  • Each (independently controlled) wheel powered by a CIM DC motors through a 12.75:1 Toughbox Nano gearbox.

Controls: National Instruments cRIO-FRC (400 MHz)


  • Solid-state gyroscope
  • AXIS webcam
  • Shaft encoders
  • Limit switches
  • Line sensors

Frame: Kitbot C-base


Navigate the field: CJ's mecanum drivetrain enabled it to navigate and score with ease.

Lift tubes: Once deployed from the starting configuration, the elevator can raise tubes from the ground to 10 ft high.

Deploy a minibot: A surgical-tubing slingshot quickly deploys the minibot onto the tower (the pole the minibot must race up).

Minibot: A small robot which climbs a 10 ft pole in 1.6 seconds to win bonus points.