Purpose: A demo-bot for BearBotics (FRC 2498)

  • To inspire students in math, science, and technology.
  • To attract sponsors and mentors.
  • To teach students the basics of FRC robots and holonomic drive systems.

Creator: Jay Jasper



  • Four independently controlled 6" mecanum wheels.
  • Omni-directional drivetrain powered by CIM DC motors through 12:1 planetary gearboxes.

Controls: National Instruments cRIO-FRC (400 MHz)

Sensors: Solid-state gyroscope.

Frame: T-slot aluminum with a di-bond (aluminum-plexiglass laminate) base and fiberglass shell.


Holonomic (omni-directional) drive system: The drivetrain allows the robot to move in any direction without rotating and spin about any point.

Robot-centric mode: The most commonly used robot control scheme: when the user presses the joystick forward, the robot moves in the direction which it thinks is forward.

User-centric mode: A robot control scheme which specifically takes advantage of the hononiomic drive system. When the user pushes the joystick forward, the robot moves in the direction which the user thinks is forward.

Axis-lock: While a joystick button is held, engages a user-centric mode relative to the robot's orientation when the button is first pressed.