Purpose: 2010 FIRST Robotics Comptition

Creator: Harrison Boiler Robotics (FRC 1747)

My Role: Mentor through Purdue FIRST Programs; lead students through design, fabrication, and deployment of Skid.



  • Differential drivetrain: roughtop wheels in front, dual omnis in back.
  • Each side powered by 2 CIM (brushed DC) motors through a 2-speed "supershifter" gearbox.

Controls: National Instruments cRIO-FRC (400 MHz)


  • Solid-state gyroscope
  • AXIS webcam
  • Shaft encoders

Frame: Welded 1" box aluminum (anodized green)


Climb over the bump: The frame geometry, low center of mass, and powerful drivetrain allow Skid to easily navigate the bump.

Score goals: Surgical tubing stores energy as a window-motor powered winch pulls back a kicking leg. When the leg reaches the desired point (indicated by an encoder), a pnumatic cylinder disengages the winch spool from the window motor. This has a maximum range of ~25 feet.