Purpose: Prototype CubeRover for Lunar Scouting Mission

Creator: Jay Jasper, 16-861 class project

My Role: Project co-lead, mechanical lead, CAD, machining

Sponsors:Carnegie Mellon University, Maxon Motors, Texas Instruments



  • Four 20cm wheels
  • Differential drivetrain powered by Maxon BLDC motors through planetary gearboxes
  • Wheel drive modules contain motors and batteries, keeping the CG low
  • 1DOF kinematic suspension


  • Folds into a 30x30x30 cm cube for transit
  • Unfolding energy supplied by compression springs
  • Five barrel cams transform spring energy into the translations and rotations that unfold the robot

Controls: NVIDIA Tegra K1 Jetson

  • Quad-core Cortex-A15 @2.32 GHz
  • Single-core Cortex-A15 shadow core for low power operations
  • Kepler GPU with 192 CUDA cores
  • Linux SBC


  • Motor hall effect sensors

Chassis: Aluminum semimonocoque


Scout: A fast-paced 2km range allows Tetramorph to serve as a scout for another rover or lander.

Explore: Large wheels, thick grousers, and strong motors provide Tetramorph with oversized terrain-handing capabilities, even under Earth's gravity.

Survey: The powerful onboard processor enables onboard, realtime 3D terrain mapping.